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Going to keep updating this page with the best cryptocurrency exchanges that we use.

I believe the best cryptocurrency exchange for Australian’s to use is, coin spot is the safest cryptocurrency exchange for Australian’s to use, they also list the most cryptocurrency coins and are adding more crypto coins all the time. To see the coins available, click on this link then scroll down to the bottom of the coin spot website, then click on “All Markets” to see if the crypto coin your after is listed on coin spot.

I also highly recommend all Australians to signup at, because this is one of the easiest ways to get Australian fiat currency (AUD dollars) into a cryptocurrency (Bpay etc). Signup as soon as you can, as it can take up to two weeks to get you account verified, this is because of the amount of Australian signups taking place at the moment, it’s a little bit like a gold rush lol. You will need to take photos of your drivers license, both sides and also an electricity bill to verify your address (Match your license), they also make you write or you can print out the words and your secret code then sign the bottom, then take a photo of you holding this to verify your account.

All these documents need to be uploaded to coin spot, once done it can take two weeks for them to unlock your account so you can add funds. You will see all this once you signup at, the site will ask you to verify your account so you can then add funds. I know it’s sounds funny uploading a picture of your license, I was skeptical, there just trying to be more legitimate on coin spot and to stop fraud etc.

If you cannot find the cryptocurrency you want to invest in on coin spot? No problem. What you will need to start learning about, is being able to carefully move different cryptocurrency to other exchanges so you can purchase the coin you do want, some crypto coins have special “exclusive rights” on that exchange for some coins, I’m seeing more and more of this going on now, it’s a good thing for us, it’s creating good competition in the cryptocurrency exchanges and there in a battle over us.

The next main cryptocurrency exchange you should also join up with is it’s very limited when you first join coin base, you can only add maximum of $250 a week at first using a debit card, this exchange is also limited in cryptocurrencies and what you can buy their, they are going to be adding more I believe, at the time of writing there is only four types of crypto on, this is fine, as you will only be buying the Ethereum (ETH) and sending it to other exchanges to buy the coins you want to invest in, I’m not saying you have to send it, you might want to just buy Ethereum (ETH) and just keep that and build the amount up in your account on Coin base and that’s fine.

See the only reason I use coin base is to convert more fiat currency $ into cryptocurrency, in my case Ethereum (ETH). I then send Ethereum over to large cryptocurrency exchanges where I can buy into cheap up and coming crypto coins after I’ve done some research, I’m looking for what might be the next big coin over the next few years that might go to the moon!

Below is a screenshot of my account, on the deposit page, as you can see this is where I bought the Ethlend (LEND) coin, I sent Ethereum (ETH) from coin base using the address below.


You must be very careful when copying and pasting these crypto coin addresses! There are no refunds in the crypto world, always be mindful of what your doing.

As you can see, each one of these coins listed below has it’s very own unique address you send (it’s) coin to (Always make sure to send the right coin to the right address!) you can see the address once you click on each deposit button, I’m carefully sending to my Ethereum (ETH) address below on from my account.

coinbase Ethereum Wallet

coinbase Ethereum Wallet check sms


Always double check your address when sending coins! I just check the first and last 3 digits after I copy and paste it, start by sending a small amount over first, so you understand how this works.

Is it safe to post that link above here to my wallet? Of course it is, this is only the send link, not my private key (privkey) If anyone wants to send me Ethereum (ETH) to this address I would be more than happy to except it lol.


Never let anyone see your private key (privkey) More on  private keys later, as it will only concern you if you if you take your coins off the exchanges and send them to your own wallet on you PC (Not Safe) or nano ledger s, much safer. Then you will need to manage both your send address and  private key locally.

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I Hope this was helpful.

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