Cryptocurrency Resources

Hopefully by now you know a little more about how to buy different types of cryptocurrencies and where to buy using you local fiat currency, VISA etc.

I personally use and I also recommend for anyone living in Australia, as they have things like Bpay available. Most of my trading is done on, when the coin is not available there, I send some Ethereum (ETH) from either coinspot or coinbase to and buy the crypto coin I’m after.

I  have also have accounts at and, as they were the only one’s that sold a “specific crypto” I was after at the time.  Electroneum(ETN)

Viewing Cryptocurrencies for Research and Monitoring

Zclassic video cover image

CoinMarketCap.comCryptocurrency Market Capitalizations

Coin Market Cap is one of the sites I use to checkup on how my coins are doing, it’s also good to start some research on coins, once you click on a coin in the list, it gives much more information about the crypto, website, Explorer, message boards, chat, source code.

Click here to see the page on Coin Market Cap about Power Ledger (POWR) an Australian born Cryptocurrency. Once on this page you will see a tab menu.

Charts | Markets | Social | Tools | Historical Data, The markets tab will show you which exchange it’s listed on, the volume and it’s price.

A good example is Zclassic I was trying to buy, you can see it’s Market tab HERE as you can see, not many exchanges have this coin listed. Live streaming prices and market capitalisation

Crypto Ccompare, it’s more technical to work your way around when getting started, but you’ll soon pick it up after you play around with it for awhile, the social aspect is ok, see each coin has it’s own small form page that you select at the top once on the coin page your after, there’s a few good guy’s there, with some good tips too!

Watching Cryptocurrency and Chart Analysis

TradingView.comLive quotes, free charts and expert trading ideas. TradingView is a social network for traders and investors on Stock and Futures and Forex markets!

I don’t know a lot about chart analysis myself, so I wont be going much into that, I do know a little and like to watch the candlesticks with the hour time set sometimes!

Here’s a quick run down to get you started, Click on this link once at Trading View,

Type XRP into the box at the top, where it says ticker. Then pick in the drop down the pair you want to see Ripple XRP with XRP-USD (Ripple / Dollar )

Trading View Website TickerTrading View Website Ticker

Once on the Ripple / Dollar XRPUSD Page:

As seen here in the image below.

Trading View Ripple XRP

Now we get a better look at how Ripple (XRP) is doing and we also can look at some prediction charts that others have posted below for Ripple / Dollar XRP-USD, you will see they do this in each section with the different cryptocurrencies, some of these guys know there stuff, still be cautious and do your own research in many places before trading crypto.

Lets click on the “Interactive chart button” at the top of the chart, this will launch into another browser tab full screen trading chart with candlesticks.

Trading View Interactive chart

When you first do this you might have a white color version, I changed to a dark theme under the options menu, click on the cog at the top and change it to dark if you like the look of it.

Also change the candlesticks to 1 Hour intervals using the top left drop down menu, when you change this setting to 1 hours, 2 Hours, 4 Hours, 1 Day, 1 Week or 1 Month.

What your changing is what “ONE candlestick” represents, I.E if you change to 1 Day, each candlestick represents a full day, change to 1 Hour each candlestick represents one full Hour. This is so traders can zoom in and see what the market is doing on many different chart viewing scales.

Day traders do this, I’m more of a HODL of cheap first launched coins, which means holding my coins long term, it’s slang you will see on your travels. An enthusiastic misspelling of Hold see

Here is a forum thread at Ripple Chat, these guy’s are talking to the guy’s that bought in on ripple at 5 cents and did manage to HODL, ripple stayed very flat at 20 cents for half the year, now its been to $3.50, at the time of writing, it’s back down consolidating around $2.80, she will go back up at some point I’m thinking.

I Hope this was helpful.